Who Is Carpenter Johnny and why does he want your house?


The Carpenter's story

Johnny is a local carpenter in Winnipeg who buys fixer uppers or houses in poor condition as a hobby outside of his humble 9-5 job as a outdoor carpenter where he works hard. Johnny lives in these houses and eventually has his friends and family move in when he is finally ready to move on to the next hobby project. Each house takes a long time to fix up and each house is unique just like the previous owner who called it home. Carpenter Johnny is not your typical home buyer and because he is somewhat handy he has an interest in buying a house in any condition since he likes the challenge of giving a house in serious disrepair a little tender love and care. However, not everything is within his abilities: things such as updating electrical, plumbing, and HVAC have to be done by a licensed third party. Closing is flexible for Johnny and when dealing with him remember that you do not need to wait for a bank to provide financing. Give him a call @ 204-815-1100. He is not a real estate agent nor will a real estate agent be involved in this private sale so there are no realtor fees involved, which means more savings in your pocket :)