why does Johnny want your broken down house?

Meet Carpenter Johnny!


 Johnny is a local Winnipeg carpenter who fixes up broken down homes on his spare time as a hobby outside of his 9-5 job as an outdoor carpenter. He lives in them and works hard to make them more habitable before letting his family and friends move in and enrich the neighborhood. 

Carpenter Johnny Will Make An Offer On A House No Matter The Condition!


 If you do not call Johnny you will never know what you can get for it! A house that may be impossible to sell in the public market can be purchased by the Carpenter. All sales are confidential!

The Confidential and non-OBLIGATORY selling process

No Realtors involved! No Appraisals! No Banks! No Insurance Firms! No Hassles!


Carpenter Johnny buys houses fast with cash in Winnipeg and he buys houses in any condition and in any location in Winnipeg, and at any price. He is not a real estate agent or a realtor, nor does he work with them. He does not charge any commissions or fees when he buy houses, this is one of Johnny’s guarantees.


Here is what Carpenter Johnny can do for you:


1. Johnny can close fast on your property, on a confidential basis, without having to deal with the banks for financing


2. He will guide you through the selling process.


3. He won't charge you any fees or realtor commissions.


Carpenter Johnny's Promise to you:


1. All offers are confidential, non obligatory, and you are under no pressure to close.


2. You will not be charged any fees or commissions of any kind!


3. No home appraisals required!


4. No home staging required!


5. No home inspections required!


6. No renovating or cleaning up your home required because carpenter Johnny will work hard to take care of it!


7. Just let carpenter Johnny pay you cash and he will take care of all the headaches that come with your home, you do nothing, and he will handle everything!


Get In Touch with Carpenter Johnny!

Send an email or call/text 204-815-1100

Carpenter Johnny buys houses!